Circularity First is your sustainable IT partner.

  • Operate with less negative impact

    We help you design, build, manage and quantify IT infrastructures with a circular mindset.

  • Extend. Reduce. Redeploy. 

    We help you to make more of existing, authorised technology.

  • Reduce waste. Reduce spend. Improve performance.

    We balance the needs of your business with the needs of humanity.

Founded by Anthony Levy, Circularity First Group and our businesses have been working across sustainable IT for over 14 years.

Fourteen years.
Just getting started.

Founded by Anthony Levy, Circularity First Group and our businesses have been working across sustainable IT for over 14 years. We knew at our origin that systematic change was required. Now, as the wider business community assesses its carbon footprint, other are realising it too. 

Numbers suggest that IT contributes between 5% and 20% to a company’s Scope 3 carbon footprint. With 80% of that carbon coming from manufacture, we have to extend the life on what we have and stem the tide on new. It’s now or never.

Businesses are under pressure.
Ours open up opportunities.

Budgets and resources are stretched. Supply chains aren’t reliable. Yet businesses are still expected to deliver digital transformation while reducing overheads. 

To succeed, its time businesses explore how to reconcile these pressures with more sustainable behaviour. 

Whether you’re a vendor looking for a channel partner to build your market, or a client wishing to take a more sustainable approach to how you procure, use and dispose of IT – we can help.

of the networking products we sell are sourced from remanufactured, reused and redeployed authorised programmes.

Working with vendors

As Cisco’s largest Circular Economy Partner, we’ve years of experience in building long-term relationships that work for vendor manufacturers and our clients.

Our solutions provide multinational and multi-channel solutions for vendors that build marketplaces for sustainable IT and align with the circular economy.

We also provide data for vendors for sustainability measures and revenue targets – with Cisco we’ve built over $150m of product sales.

Working with customers

With over twelve years of success in sustainable IT, our expertise stretches across multiple channels and capabilities:

Businesses, public sector, third sector

We’ve worked across SMEs and multinational businesses, as well as supporting the use of circular IT in the likes of the NHS, the London Stock Exchange and UK Government. 

Resellers and service providers

We work with system integrators and clients who use technology in their services. As well as selling to service providers (where agreed with the original vendor), we also sell into the secondary market and to resellers. Our role is often to create more sustainable solutions for our clients’ customers.


Our Ecommerce platforms mean we sell directly to global customers. We use our own platforms and operate in some of the world’s largest market- places.

Asset Recovery and ITAD

We provide asset valuation for technology that’s no longer used by our clients and can be recirculated in the circular economy. We have secure solutions for your IT Asset Disposal.

Think First.
Courage and conviction.

Think First is our internal sustainability forum. A space for sharing ideas and making them happen. It ensures we have the courage of our convictions and live up to our principles. Like this:


sustainable products 

Of the networking products we sell, 99% of are sourced from remanufactured, reused and redeployed authorised programmes.


tonnes of eWaste prevented 

From 2016 to March 2022, we prevented 845 tonnes of technology equipment from becoming eWaste.

Proudly, we’re on track to prevent 1,000 tonnes of IT equipment from becoming eWaste before the end of 2022.


of energy returned to UK grid 

Our UK facility is powered by renewable energy and is carbon neutral. 25% of the energy generated by our solar panels is surplus to requirements so it’s supplied to the grid. 

Partnerships for progress

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of East London

Cistor, part of the Circularity First Group, has successfully bid for Knowledge Partnership Funding with the team at the University of East London. This two-year research project enables us to research and quantify the benefits of using remanufactured IT over new. Findings will be used in our emerging software tools.

Working with customers

Our Cistor business is a member of the Circular Electronics Initiative

The initiative is led by TCO Certified, one of the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certifications for IT products. It helps organisations and customers to make responsible product choices to drive the industry in a sustainable direction. They’re advocates for a more circular approach to the way we use IT.

Work with us, not for us

While technology is at the heart of our service, our culture, values and approach are distinctly human. To us sustainable performance is as much about our people as our business.

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