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Whether it’s time for a network refresh because your hardware is unsupported – or a rethink because it’s hard to manage – talk to us.

We’ve helped organisations across many sectors to re-architect their network, including in critical infrastructures such as transport, payments and defence.

Our vendor-neutral network design services increase sustainability and save you money. For example, we’ll explore how you can safely extend the life of existing hardware and show you how remanufactured hardware delivers performance with less environmental impact.

Discover The Process

We work with you across all stages of your network lifecycle.

Network architecture
Defining your target architecture
Creating the roadmap to implementation
High and low-level network design
Planning from testing to migration
Staging and testing
Network build and migration
Monitoring, triage and remediation
Network optimisation

How We Improve Network Sustainability

Our sustainable network design strategies include:

Optimising your network to safely extend the lifetime of existing hardware.
Using software-defined networking, the cloud and remanufactured equipment to reduce the need for new hardware.
Identifying the optimal time for a hardware refresh to minimise your environmental impact.
Our network architecture service is powered by Cistor, part of the Circularity First Group. Cistor is one of the largest Cisco Circular Economy Partners in Europe and the first Environmental Sustainability Specialist partner in the UK.

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