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As customers, shareholders, employees, and the rest of society increasingly ask how sustainable you are, new opportunities emerge for value creation.
Add new revenue streams with more sustainable services and solutions and increase profitability through Circular Economy principles.
Stand out from the crowd. Compete better in tenders, access new decisions makers and strengthen employee engagement.
Future proof your organisation – sustainability is here to stay, seize the opportunities today whilst also mitigating the risks of tomorrow.

Continuous Improvement Approach

Research by Canalys found that 50% of technology resellers expect to generate revenue from sustainability in 2024, we can make sure you are not left behind. 1.

Realise the opportunities available to your business through strategic application of sustainability through our advisory services.
"In the last 12 months, our gross margins have risen by 3%. This would not have happened without thinking completely differently about our strategic approach to sustainability.”

- Simon Davey, Agilico CEO
1.2x increase in market valuation from improved ESG scores

Changing Your Mindest

The biggest challenge? Shifting perceptions of sustainability. It is time to stop thinking of it as a risk to manage, reducing carbon, new burdens of reporting, and in the future, taxation. Start seeing it as an opportunity to weave an aligning and differentiating approach across all your stakeholders, increasing the value of your business.
Supply Chain Collaboration
The shift from linear models of production and consumption to more circular approaches immediately blurs the line between supplier and customer.

The opportunity to move from the traditional fight to buy low and sell high, towards shared recurring service models offer that not only greater recurring revenues but also profitability.
Align Profit & Purpose
Why should profit and the planet compete?

By bringing your business’ commercial outcomes and the desire to do good together you’re able to enhance the results.

With sustainable initiatives that are tied to profit generation, you are delivering for your shareholders, employees, customers and society as a whole.
Increase Valuation
A future proofed organisation winning more customers, with a broader set of differentiated offerings, generating higher gross profit, with stronger supplier relationships, and better talent is going to be valued higher than it’s competition.

Even getting just some of that right is already yielding higher valuations. Companies that improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) Refinitiv scores by 10 points have a 1.2x higher market valuation

Building Leaders In Sustainability

We help technology-centric businesses become leaders in sustainability. For over 15 years we’ve helped them realise the commercial and stakeholder benefits of incorporating sustainability into their core strategy.

Our advice comes from practice not from theory and is based on your business in your context. Instead of doing it all for you, our advisory services guide you through the transformation process, transferring the knowledge to you and your teams so it becomes part of your capabilities.
Sustainability Strategy Workshops
We lead sustainability strategy workshops with your leadership team. Discover how sustainability is evolving, how it will affect your customers, and how you can use sustainability principles to increase enterprise value.
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Establish And Measure Your Goals
When you think about measurement, it’s easy to get caught up in carbon. We’ll help you to decide what the right success factors are and validate your goals so you can adopt them with confidence, taking in to consideration factors such as e-waste and circularity and giving you the tools to measure them not just for yourself but for your customers and suppliers too.
Engage The Organisation
To succeed in sustainability, you can't just hire a single specialist or a small ESG team. You need to engage your entire organisation, build the passion to succeed and provide an enabling framework. We’ll help you bring about the behavioural change required to meet your goals by making

Sustainability a part of your culture. This enables continuous improvement and increases credibility outside the organisation.
Create a Sustainability Led Go-To-Market Strategy
Can you sell products or services with a clear sustainability differentiation? We’ll help you to create your proposition, building on your strengths and bring it to market. 

We’ll support you by identifying partnerships and helping to design the customer journey. Our careful analysis ensures you are delivering real environmental benefits and not just greenwashing.
Customer Events
Bring your customers on your sustainability journey and position your brand credibly. While you build your internal capabilities, we’ll help you to host customer round tables and other events that position you as a leader in sustainable IT and build your credibility. Events can be in-person or online.
Innovation And Ideas Workshops
Bring ideas to life sometimes needs a spark, bringing new perspectives together with your leaders to create a new vision. Part educational and part inspiring, if you want to ignite energy in this space with the art of the possible, we can help design an event to achieve that.
Delivering Sustainable IT
We have a range of services to help you implement sustainable IT practices, working with vendors including Cisco. Remanufactured hardware is vendor-certified and backed by the same warranties as new hardware, so it delivers the performance you need with less waste.

Our Sustainable Hardware as a Service proposition helps you to match resources to demand, avoiding e-waste. We can design an effective network architecture and help you to understand your environmental impact.
Retained Services
You will not become a leader in sustainability overnight, much of the change required takes place week by week and month by month. You and your team will have questions, will want ideas and insight. You will need to augment your thinking with research, or get a second opinion.

Many of our clients like to know they have a sustainability strategist on hand to support this journey. We offer just that.

Helping Star set its sustainability ambition.

"Circularity First's sustainability awareness workshop was eye-opening. As well as delivering practical input for our fledgling ESG program, Circularity First delivered immense value in helping to shape our sustainable technology offerings for our clients.

We will continue working with Circularity First and leveraging their knowledge and guidance in this important field.

- Michael Schreibmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Star

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1. Research by Canalys found that 50% of technology resellers expect to generate revenue from sustainability in 2024  Canayls
2. Companies that improve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) Refinitiv scores by 10 points have a 1.2x higher market valuation  Deloitte
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