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Our Circular Impact Reports reveal the embodied carbon in your network hardware, helping you to get carbon confident and understand the real impact of your IT.

Circularity First works closely with end users and IT resellers to help them reduce their carbon footprint through the use of remanufactured IT.

Our expertise is informed by more than 15 years of experience in remanufactured hardware under our Cistor brand. Cistor works closely with Cisco to help organisations reduce their carbon footprint and e-waste.

IT contributes up to 45% of an organisation’s scope 2 emissions. 1.

The Benefits Of Understanding Carbon

Reduce Emissions
Improve your financials
Make better decisions that reduce emissions. Our reports show you the positive impact of choosing energy-efficient hardware, extending the life of technology and using remanufactured hardware.
Our reports show you the cost savings from buying remanufactured IT. Research by Deloitte discovered, too, that companies that improve their ESG score have higher market valuations. 2.
What is Circular Impact Reporting?
We’ll take a deep dive into your hardware and report the CO2e that went into producing it, and the CO2e you’ve avoided by using remanufactured IT. You can measure your progress against your sustainability goals and see how to improve.

How do we know the embodied carbon in the hardware? We tore down our most popular lines and analysed what they’re made of.

The savings From Sustainable IT Practices

We wanted to find out how extending the life of equipment and using remanufactured equipment compares with the material and greenhouse gas impact of new IT. We carried out research with specialists in electronic product lifecycle emissions.

Ready to report your carbon?

Speak to one the team.

1. "IT contributes up to 45% of an organisation’s scope 2 emissions."  McKinsey
2. "companies that improve their ESG score have higher market valuations."  Deloitte
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