Webinar: Are you ready for the Circular supply chain?

Watch back on our Circular supply chain webinar

Two minute read
March 19, 2024

In our recent webinar, Circularity First founder, Anthony Levy, shared insight on the latest trends in Circular IT Economics. Going beyond Scope Two and Three carbon reporting, he took attendees through the science behind IT remanufacturing, deployment and recovery.

On the webinar you'll see how these trends are being put into practice when businesses take a sustainable approach to IT procurement that is merged with Sustainable IT and Managed Services together, such as through a Hardware as a Service model.

The webinar produced some thoughtful discussion in the Q&A. An interesting point was raised about the types of warranties that certified remanufactured IT comes with. We were able to explain that vendor certified hardware, such as the Cisco Refresh products that are sourced through Cistor (part of Circularity First Group).  These products have the same warranties and support as new and in some cases have been more rigorously tested. Questions like this that show there is a real appetite for adoption of circular approaches to technology procurement.

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