Webinar Recap: Sustainability Measures for IT

Watch back as our founder, Anthony Levy, explains why you need to be measuring the sustainability impact of you IT

Fourty Five minute read
March 22, 2024

All mid and large organisations in the European Union must now disclose all their carbon emissions across scope 1-2, and 3. Several states in US have begun to follow suit and the UK is already planning similar legislation. Smaller organisations who serve those impacted will also be in the spotlight too, needing to disclosing emissions so their customers can be compliant.

This legislation will impact everyone. Being able to produce reporting efficiently will become a necessity for all businesses. But getting your hands on the data quickly isn’t always possible. For most organisations, IT will be in the top five emissions categories – in some cases making up 15-20% of the emissions footprint.

Being able to access this data quickly frees up time in your organisation for reporting elsewhere. In this webinar recording we:

Explore the largest and most complex part of emissions tracking for IT – scope 3.

Demonstrate tools you can use to measure these emissions and other sustainability factors like critical materials and eWaste.

Additionally, we will explore how to use them as a decision-making tools for improved design, lower cost procurement, and efficient disposal of technology.

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