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Carbon Savings

Our carbon tool compares the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a new product, with that of an authorised remanufactured* product.

*The remanufactured product has been returned to the original vendor for remanufacturing eg replacing any faulty parts and recertified by the vendor with the same warranty and support as new.

Data below shows the carbon savings for Remanufactured equipment from 'Cradle to Gate'

Typical Network Switch
0.14tCO2e can be saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
60% saving
Typical Router
0.06tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
60% saving
Typical Wireless Access Point
0.01tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
25% saving
Typical IP Phone
0.02tCO2e is saved by using remanufactured technology instead of new.
50% saving
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ICT emissions are currently


of global emissions, which is double that of aviation.

And is set to increase to 14% by 2040

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Carbon savings tool

Our carbon tool allows users to amend assumptions on how often the product is replaced or remanufactured, the energy efficiency between different generations, the country the technology is used in and the end of life treatment.

This data can be used to align technology choices to decarbonisation (NetZero), circular economy and waste reduction goals. Not only that, second life technology is often more cost effective and easier to integrate into existing networks.

We always knew it made sense and now we’re proving it.

Keeping technology in use for longer is a key facet of making IT more sustainable.

The future is circular. Our data shows why.

Let’s run the numbers

We'll compare 10 typical new network switches with 10 typical remanufactured network switches

59% saving

in carbon emissions when you choose remanufactured over new.

92% saving

in the raw materials carbon emissions impact.

Use technology that already exists for longer

Only 7.2% of the 100 billion tonnes of virgin natural materials used each year make it back into the economy after their first use.

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10 x Typical new network switches


10 x typical remanufactured switches

Raw Materials 2.16 tCO2e
Assembly 0.19 tCO2e
Transport 0.01 tCO2e
Raw Materials 0.17 tCO2e
Assembly 0.28 tCO2e
Transport 0.51 tCO2e
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Real world solutions

Let's take a 200 person office

56% emissions saving

by using remanufactured technology
6 Network switches
3 Routers
20 Wireless Access Point
200 IP Phones
Emissions in this scenario for buying all new products is 10.81tCO2e compared to 4.75tCO2e for remanufactured.

Remanufactured offers a 6tCO2e emissions savings on new which is a 56% reduction
Remanufactured - 4.75tCO2e
New - 10.81tCO2e
This data is based on cradle to gate emissions. The items quoted in the 200 person office scenario total 306kg in material usage. Each item is made up of materials from our natural world. Not just that, the process of mining and processing these items is far greater and yields are often low. Increased consumption is often directly linked to environmental and social degredation which is why we place so much value on keeping technology that already exists in use for longer.

What this 6 x tCO2e saving means

To help make this real, new v’s remanufactured is the difference between driving


miles in a petrol fuelled car v’s 17,000 miles

It would take


Oak trees to sequester the equivalent carbon for the new products, v’s just 290 for remanufactured.

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It's not just changing how you buy.

It’s changing how you sell.

Good technology is wasted on the typical 3–5 year life-cycle narrative. With Green Circle IT, you can pass on your assets securely, be measurably more sustainable and enjoy great commercial outcomes. 

Businesses pay to dispose of IT. 
Green Circle IT buy IT back. 

We understand that you’re ready to move on from your IT assets. But their journey doesn't have to end with you.  

We’ll work tirelessly to recover value from your retired technology. We’ll even report back with an indication of how much embodied carbon you’ve saved by redeploying it.

Building our Carbon Tool

What we did

We tore down (and often had to smash up!) our most popular lines of equipment and it showed what we’d always known, that this technology is designed to last beyond it’s planned lifecycle.

We analysed the materials used in the technology and applied carbon factors to understand the greenhouse gas (GHG) impact.

Why we did it

To compare the material and GHG impact of producing new IT products, compared to extending the life of the same equipment or remanufacturing used equipment.

Who we partnered with

We worked with the leading electronics product lifecycle emissions team from Eunomia

What we found

  • Remanufactured technology has significantly less embodied carbon emissions
  • Remanufactured technology is significantly better for critical raw material use
  • In-use product emissions will become less significant in product life cycle analysis as nations electricity grids radically decarbonise over the next 10-15 years.

We hear that IT represents between


of an organisations scope 3 carbon emissions.

Yet only 50% of firms have business wide sustainability strategies* and of these, ​only 18% have a measured sustainable IT strategy.

*Source: Cap Gemini Why it’s time for a green revolution in your organisation’s IT- 2021
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Why this data is useful

Avoided emissions

Quantifying the positive impact of using remanufactured technology or extending the life of technology is possible as a result of our work


It’s tangible evidence of the positive impacts your sourcing decisions have

Change your behaviour

Sharing this data leads to more conscious consumption

Sustainable Supply Chain

Starts to quantify the material impacts on the earth’s resources and supply chains of always defaulting to new

Sustainability Goals

Aligns your department with your organisation’s sustainability goals, allowing you to share your positive impact

Build a business case

The data supports you to build a business case for a more sustainable approach to how IT is sourced and used in your organisation

We’ve got the numbers

to support you to make your case
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From here to zero

The world is starting to act at pace on climate change. People, planet and profit are finally being prioritised in the right order. Every operation must be reviewed – and IT is no exception. 

To help achieve Net Zero and Zero Waste ambitions, it’s time for leaders to ignite sustainable innovation; extend the lifespan of their technology and apply circular economy principles to IT. Because, frankly, it’s now or never.

Knowledge first. Planet first. Circularity First. 

The more we all understand sustainable IT and its benefits, the more it can help relieve the pressure on our planet and our businesses. 


Only 43% of leaders know their organisation’s IT carbon footprint.

We’ll help you reduce the carbon impact of your IT today.

From top to bottom

Sustainable IT is the design, manufacture and disposal of IT equipment with minimal impact on the environment. There are a number of different ways this goal is realised.

Use for longer

Use for longer The most sustainable option is the one you already have. Using analysis, forward planning, repair, and sparing to make in-life platforms run for longer.

(refurbished or remanufactured)

Authorised equipment has been refurbished or remanufactured and certified specifically by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It has been restored to its highest utility and comes complete with full manufacturer warranties.


Hardware that has been fully deconstructed, checked and reconstructed with either reused or new parts. It is then rebuilt to the specifications of the original manufactured product. Every component is tested. The finished products look and work like new.


Used hardware which has been tested for defects and had damaged components replaced. Refurbished hardware is not necessarily returned to an ‘as new’ aesthetic condition.

Redeployed and reused

Often the technology has more life remaining than the current user needs. Once a technology is finished with, it can be redeployed and reused in different sectors.


The least attractive option. Recycling involves the repurposing of some materials from used IT equipment but, unlike in remanufacturing or refurbishment, materials waste most of the embedded energy and carbon during the recycling process. It does not have the ecological impact of refurbished or remanufactured technology.

Reduce data

Data has an environmental footprint in its creation, storage and use. A more sustainable approach to data starts with a review of what’s needed, what can be shared and what can be deleted, archived or repurposed.
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