How sustainable IT… Saved telecoms organisation COLT $1m per year

The customer

Colt Technology Services Group Limited is a multinational telecommunications company. It’s headquartered in London and serves customers across Europe and Asia. 

The challenges

Deliver IT equipment faster and without increasing cost to keep up in a competitive market. 

Align procurement practices to sustainability targets. 

The solutions

We built a just-in-time supply chain to maximise the provision of sustainable technology. This delivers shorter lead times, greater resilience and best value. 

We devised a process that could forecast future demand and enable accurate pre-staging of the equipment needed. 

We seamlessly blended new and Cisco Refresh technology with the existing supply chain. 

We remanufactured existing equipment to extend its working life, delivering a green dividend that boosted the eco-credentials and corporate image of the client.

The results

The most sustainable IT supply chain, delivered next day across Europe.

The lead time on new equipment was reduced to a single day, enabling the client to deliver their services faster and more cost efficiently. We helped achieve annual savings of $1m.

The client no longer needed to waste time, money and resources holding inventory. 

The client’s use of newly manufactured technology was cut by 70% which represents a reduction of 40,000kg in the weight of virgin materials being required. Using remanufactured technology ensured that the same volume of eWaste was avoided.  

Our ongoing solution continues to reduce carbon in Colt’s supply chain and play a key role in their Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. 


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