How sustainable IT… Saved the Ministry of Defence £15m.

The challenges

Increase capacity across seven data centres with solutions that would enhance longevity and resilience.

Source replacement equipment for Cisco technology that had reached end of life. 

Meet extremely tight deadlines and targets with key metrics such as battle readiness.

The solutions

We analysed the client’s requirements in depth. Our proposal incorporated new, remanufactured and reused technology.   

As a Circular Economy Partner with Cisco, we had access to the specific components needed at speed. We passed these back to Cisco for remanufacture.   

The remanufactured components were used to build a resilient end-to-end solution under the Cisco Refresh brand.

The results

The platform was launched on time and on budget.

The lifespan of the existing platform was extended for three years. As a result, we avoided the eWaste that would have been generated by replacing the equipment with new.

The project’s successful delivery resulted in the MOD – and the taxpayers funding it – saving £15m.

Resilience is key for the MoD. We collaborated with Cisco to deliver a fully authorised datacentre solution in one of the world’s most demanding operating environments. Together, we prevented a huge amount of unnecessary eWaste.

Anthony Levy, Founder & CEO

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