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Sustainability Measures for IT

Cisco Partner Summit

Three Things We Learnt From The Inner Development Goals Summit

What has the world suffered to bring you that shiny new product

Circularity First CEO Søren Sørensen shares his insights on why the latest and greatest innovations aren’t as green as they claim.
5 minute read

Career paths in technology aren’t always linear – and that’s ok

5 minute read

Cloud of Doubt: Is Moving to The Cloud Really the Most Sustainable Thing You Can Do as an IT Director

It’s a global network of remote servers that perform on-demand functions and keep our data alive – even when we no longer need it.
4 minute read

Five Ways Business Owners Can Make IT More Sustainable Today

Technology is also often seen as the hero in our need to reach net zero, and its capabilities are inspiring. But as well as providing solutions, there is absolutely no getting away from the fact that it is also massively contributing to the problem.
4 minute read

How Apprenticeships at Circularity First are Building Sustainable Skills for the Future

Circularity First has been lucky to bring on board two high-performing apprentices who entered the scheme from very different backgrounds.
5 minute read

On International Women's Day meet the woman leading our KTP project. A project to make Sustainable IT mainstream

Maha Aziz is a software engineer on a mission to measure the benefits of remanufactured networking equipment, so businesses can make a more informed choice on IT.
4 minute read

In a Sustainable World, is the New ROI for Technology ROC?

The theme was “All In” and since It’s been 3 years since the last Cisco Live in Barcelona it’s clear that Cisco’s customers and partners are definitely “all in” on understanding how they can get the most benefit and ROI on their technology investments.
3 minute read

Sustainable IT, Let’s Talk About The Elephant

Sustainability and IT have become inextricably linked. Connected IT solutions can drive intelligent Circular Supply Chains.
5 minute read

Sustainability Before It Was Cool: Jamie Bridgeman Was Raving (About Circular IT) In The 90

Circularity First’s Brand Activation Manager had an instinctive relationship with circular technology long before the movement became visible in the mainstream. His mission now is to help others have the lightbulb moments his career has given him.
5 minute read

Mining for more information on rare earths

Dig deeper to uncover what today’s political playground means for lead times, what companies can do to steel themselves against risk, and how IT can play a significant positive role in adopting the principles of the circular economy.
4 minute read

Waking up to the cost of e-Waste at home and at work

The problem with eWaste is not just in our homes, but also in our workplaces. Business eWaste is a burden on the environment
3 minute read

Fashion Forward: What Sustainability Lessons Can IT Take From The Clothing Industry?

Finally, it’s on trend for businesses to take their climate impact seriously. Clothing brands committing to ambitious sustainability goals.
4 minute read

The role of Sustainable IT in the circular economy 

We stand on the precipice of a climate change crisis, aware that our current consumption patterns are no longer compatible with the survival needs of future generations but not yet fully committed to long-term sustainable change.
2 minute read

5 ways business leaders can start tackling eWaste.

eWaste. It’s a problem that lies buried - literally. It’s something many of us just don’t think about. But it’s a growing global issue. And if left unchecked, it will become detrimental to human health and our planet.
5 minute read

Sustainable IT makes business sense. Here’s how to get started

It’s clear we need to take action if we are to protect our planet for future generations. Finding ways to preserve earth’s resources and looking at sustainable business solutions is no longer just a good thing to do. It has become a necessity.
5 minute read

Why brand new IT can't always be the answer

When the Suez Canal was blocked back in March 2021, we got to experience what shortages felt like. Although they were only temporary, we realised how this could affect our businesses going forward.

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