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Great to see Microsoft supporting the repair of devices rather than habitual replacement of technology. With a 92% reduction in emissions and waste it really is a no brainer to use technology for longer.

Recent study shows that Europe and the USA are responsible for the majority of ecological damage caused by the overuse of resources. These countries need to cut resource use by 70%. This article stipulates the importance of repair, recycle and reuse as tools to cut resource use. Introducing remanufactured technology into your hardware supply chain is a tangible step you can make now.

US and Europe behind majority of global ecological damage, says study | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Progress is being made to help consumers recycle electronics. Now’s the time to start bringing this mindset to business- ensuring that enterprise IT is more sustainable

This article from Gartner shares strategies that can be taken to align businesses with a more circular approach to their supply chain. Adopting a circular approach to IT makes IT more sustainable. Read more here

This article from Forbes identifies 4 ways to make IT more sustainable (although we believe there are 8 ways)

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