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Curated content to help you learn and understand more about the benefits of Sustainable IT

Can consumer tech ever really be sustainable?
The world produces millions of tonnes of e-waste per year. How can we solve this colossal problem?
Global Computing could be responsible for more global emissions than previously thought.
An overview and link to the paper from Lancaster University.
The role and value of Sustainable IT in the circular economy
Download our eBook to learn more about how to integrate sustainability principles into how we design, source, procure, use and dispose of IT. You can also learn more from customers who have already started on this journey.
Cap Gemini: Sustainable IT: Why it’s time for a green revolution for your organisation’s IT 
This report was generated following a survey of 1000 organisations and shows the extent to which sustainable IT is being considered as part of an organisations sustainability and business strategy. 
IBM completed research with IDC: 10 Surprising Insights on Used IT equipment 
The research, completed with over 500 senior leaders from across the world shows the benefits of used technology, how it’s relied on by organisations and how used IT helps accelerate sustainability policies and initiatives 
The UK Government continues to drive a more sustainable strategy for IT. 
The Greening Government: ICT and Digital Services Strategy 2020-2025 and Technology Code of Practice detail the areas for consideration and place emphasis on reusing and redeploying technology along with utilising remanufactured equipment.  
What is Sustainable IT ?
Our Insight Series What is Sustainable IT provides an overview of the key issues and key terms

Work with us, not for us

While technology is at the heart of our service, our culture, values and approach are distinctly human. To us sustainable performance is as much about our people as our business.

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